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1, JHZ92, 110 TWIN CONICAL , JHP135 double screw:  main engine main motor bearing at both ends of the main motor at least 1-2 times every 3 months to fill the high temperature resistant grease above 300 degrees.

2. The vacuum seat and vacuum cylinder need to be cleaned up in a regularly .

3. The main engine gearbox filter is cleaned at least once every 1 month.

4. The gear oil of the reduction box and the distribution box is filtered for impurities and replenished oil once in 3 months, and replaced in 6 months. Change gear oil (200# -220#-)

5. The electrical control box of the main engine needs to clean up the dust more than once a week, and the electrical cabinet with industrial air-conditioning also The air conditioning filter should be cleaned once every 3 days.

6. When the winter temperature is below “0″ degrees, all water pipes of the main engine must be emptied as much as possible. Examples include the water outlet at the bottom of the vacuum pump, the reduction box, the distribution box, and the barrel water jacket.微信图片_202112090854162

Post time: Dec-09-2021