Discussion on the Application of Ecological Wood Plastic Materials in Shading Buildings

Nowadays, ecological plastic wood plastic materials (WPC ) can not only be used as floor wall panels, but also can play a role in shading on some shading buildings, and gradually evolve into a category of independent shading products.

Sun-shading is a method and measure that uses construction methods and uses corresponding materials and structures to form a favorable angle with sunlight to block the heat radiation that affects indoor overheating through glass without weakening the lighting conditions. The purpose of building shading is to block direct sunlight. There are three advantages to this: it can prevent direct sunlight through the glass from overheating the room; it can prevent the building envelope from overheating and cause heat radiation to the indoor environment; it can prevent direct sunlight from causing strong Glare. Because the intensity of solar radiation varies with time, place, date, and direction. The date, time, and the form and size of shading required for each facing window in the building also need to be determined according to the climate and orientation of the specific area.

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