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  • CO-Extruder


    The co-extruder is an important part of the co-extrusion technology. It is specially developed to adapt to the small flow of co-extrusion and to be able to interface with different types of hosts.

    The structural difference between co-extruder and ordinary extruder is mainly in the design of the frame. According to the different frame, the co-extruder can be divided into two types: external type and online type. External co-extruders can be divided into vertical, horizontal and angular co-extruders according to the different installation positions; in-line co-extruders are placed on the main extruder and placed on the setting table. Minute. The co-extruder has the following characteristics:
    ①Compact structure and small floor space;
    ②Small control system, easy to operate;
    ③Mobile frame, easy to disassemble and repair;
    ④Handy runner interface, strong versatility.

    Co- Extruder also got different models such as single screw and double screw .

    Such as  35, 45, 50 ,55,60,70,80,90 single screw extruders

    45,55,65,80,92 double screw extruders